Media Productions I & II are each semester long courses that allow students to learn how to use film and visual imagery to express themselves. In Media I there is a focus on introducing concepts such as preproduction, editing (as seen in the Recut Trailers), and stop motion. Media II allows students to further that study and create more pieces such as How To videos, individual stop motions, and Day in the Life videos.

How To Videos

How To Survive The Quarantine by Jenna Venuti

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How To Social Distance by Lucy Oden

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How To Survive A Pandemic by Guilie Gavotto

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How To Workout While Quarantined by Brigitte Morgan

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How To Make Origami Boats by Leah Andrada

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How To Propagate a Plant by Ro Shknevsky

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How To Make A PB&J Sandwich by Kelly McCorry

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How To Not Be Bored in Quarantine by Ava Dunlop

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How To Make A Simple & Natural Makeup Look by Isabella Gamwell Click Here

How To Make Double Chocolate Cookies by Aliyah De Vivero

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A Silver Lining

Junior, Brigitte Morgan, decided to take to the streets and showcase what is happening in our current state. She makes the call to action to help the world heal when the Pandemic ends...

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Day in the Life...

For this set of videos, students were asked to create a 'Day in the Life' video utilizing the 5 basic camera shots (Extreme Wide, Long Shot, Medium Shot, Close up, Extreme Close up), composition and editing.

Students created everything from parodies, to acting out an adventure of cat friends, to life from the perspective of a car!

Day in the Life of a Theatre Kid by Leah Andrada

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A Day in the Life of a LA Tourist by Olivia Gamwell and Ava Dunlop

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Life in a Day of a Water Polo Player (Parody) by Sara Ghadban and Brigitte Morgan

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GM-See by Grace Gillespie and Lucy Oden

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Best Cat Friends by Guiliana Gavotto and Jenna Venuti

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Day in the Life of a HydroFlask by Kelly McCorry and Mia Surmeian

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Ani's Life by Abby Deroian

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Storyboard Spotlight

Flying the Coop by Alyssa Neumann

Recut Horror Trailers

As a project in editing, students were asked to take known films and edit or 'recut' them into a new genre of film. For this instance, they were asked to make the new piece a Horror Trailer.

Haunting Nemo (Finding Nemo Recut) by Katerina Perez

The Kidnapper (Tangled Recut) by Grace Gillespie

Tangled Recut by Grace Barberie and Rory Brennan

Sleep Tight (Fantasia Recut) by Alyssa Neumann

Snow White Recut by Kelly McCorry

Sorphia The Dragon (Shrek Recut) by Sara Ghadban

Finding Nemo Recut by Melina Farahmand

Snitches Get Stitches by Olivia Gamwell

Pride and Prejudice Recruit by Jenna Venuti

Sandlot Recut by Ro Shknevsky

Mother (Tangled Recut) by Alanna Celaya

The Fall of the Vikings (How to Train Your Dragon Recut) by Lucy Oden and Amber Willig

Stop Motion

Stop Motion Animation is a technique used in animation to bring unmoving objects to life on screen. This is done by moving the objects in small increments while filming a frame per slight movement. When all the frames are played in sequence it shows movement. This is the illusion of life.

For the following projects, students created their own stop motions using house hold items as well as creating their own characters from scratch.

Stop Motion by Ava Dunlop Click Here

The Secret by Grace Gillespie Click Here

Stop Motion by Lucy Oden Click Here

Eggmanos Stop Motion by Kimberly Perales Click Here

Dino Stop Motion by Abby Deroian Click Here

Shoes by Aliyah De Vivero Click Here

The Lost Shirt... On It's Journey Home by Kelly McCorry Click Here

Making A Bed by Mia Surmeian Click Here

Jean Jacket by Isabella Gamwell Click Here

Plush by Olivia Gamwell Click Here

Space by Alyssa Neumann, Kelly McCorry, Leah Andrada, and Chloe Cheshire Click Here

Earth by Grace Gillespie, Lauren Cosentino, Jenna Venuti, and Grace Barberie Click Here

The Little Robot by Lucy Oden, Amber Willig, Olivia Gamwell, and Ro Shknevsky Click Here

Barbie and Konnor Break Up by Brigitte Morgan, Sara Ghadban, Kimberly Perales, and Katerina Perez Click Here

Plastic is Bad by Rory Brennan, Guiliana Gavotto, Carly Ralph

and Pia Millington Wallace Click Here

Space I: Space Odyssey by Alanna Celaya, Abby Deroian, Mia Matzaganian, and Melina Farahmand Click Here