Dream Paintings

Maya Alba

My Dream was only a repeated clip--an animated gif type of thing. It only occurred one night but I remember it vividly. It consisted of a girl wearing an orange/peachy color sailor suit dress with big pearls that adorned her neck and ears; she also wore a black, long-sleeve shirt with black tights. Around her were these orb-like things, hovering/floating in the air--each one a different, multi-colored orb. She was standing on, what seemed like, water with gentle ripples emitting from her feet. Everything else around her was a deep, dark black color with nothing else in sight. The look on her face was difficult to replicate, she was at peace, almost like she was familiar with the place--a haven for her, but there were still hints of confusion on her face

Juliana Alvarenga

My dream takes place at my old middle school in our art room. I was walking to class when I found a small white kitten in a sandbox. I picked him up and carried him to class making sure no one saw what I was doing. I sat in my seat, took out the kitten, and placed him in my lunchbox. I thought he was hungry so I proceeded to feed him super glue. He enjoyed eating it. Later on, Some classmates saw what I was doing and wanted to play with him. I started to get mad and kept him close to me while hiding him in my lunchbox. I would not let anyone touch him so they admired him from afar. Near the end of my dream I stopped feeding him superglue because I realized it was wrong.

Ashley Andonian

It was a cloudy Saturday afternoon, I was sitting on the sand at the beach and nobody was there except for my grandmother. As I saw my grandmother, I sat down by her side. We talked about her past and the activities she used to do in her life. After a while, I turned my head because I heard someone walking. When I looked back at my grandmother, she was gone.

Silan Aycaguer-Ron

In my dream I am at the pier with my friends and we are walking together and having fun. It is twilight and the shops, stands and rides at the pier are twinkling with lights. The ocean is reflecting the moon beams as the moon climbs higher into the sky. Suddenly I am in my bathing suit and I cannot find my clothes. Beside me, my friends have suddenly vanished as well and I am alone.

Luna Mia Benedict

The dream started with me walking around in the mall with my mom, dad and brother. We were looking around at the stores and then all of a sudden a huge crowd of people started running towards us in the direction we were walking. It was like in a movie. We didn't know what the people were running away from but we decided to start running too. After a while of running we reached the main, middle part of the mall and everyone went back to normal and no one was panicking so we decided to continue with our day and then the dream ended. But I never knew what we were running away from.

Jenny Bobillo

My dream began when I received a text from somebody I had a crush on about a year ago, whom I had not seen in a long time. The person had asked me out on a date. The next thing I remember in the dream, I was with the person on a beach. We were flying, literally flying over the beach. There were people on the beach having fun while we were flying. The next thing I remember, the person I was with started to fly away from me. The further they went, the more I descended onto the ground. Once I had reached the ground, the person was gone, and the entire beach was empty.

Jade Calabria

When I was little, i used to get night terrors. It was always the same dream. I was in space and there were two floating grass platforms with a train track in between them. I was on one of the platforms and it felt like my family was with me, but I could not see them. Throughout the dream, there was a feeling that we had to get to the other platform, but I never knew when the train would come. I always felt like it was almost there, but it never actually came. I never crossed to the other side.

Carolina Casillas

As I walked my dog through the garden, a sense of calm and tranquility filled the atmosphere. The harmonious skies suddenly were enveloped by a deep, vibrant red. As the ground below me bellowed, imminent danger was near. The sounds of continuous crashes grew nearer. With each crash, there was a vibration that shook everything all around. Suddenly, a massive tidal wave towered above me. With it inching closer and closer, I woke up.

Lucia Castelblanco

My dream takes place in a desert in the nighttime. I have run away from home and am spending time with my friends. We play games all night and have fun in the desert. I run up several sand dunes with some of the people there with me, and I see the full expanse of the empty desert. I look up to the deep red and purple sky, filled on all sides with deep rich color. It is filled with huge, bright, golden stars that look like they are on fire. They seem larger than normal and close enough to touch, and I reach up to touch them but they are too far away. I lay on my back on the sand dunes with my friends. We all look up to the sky to take in the view of the sky. I feel at peace and at home with those around me.

Saori Cochachin

It was a warm September night at a carnival, with the moon shining bright. I was with a group of friends chatting and having fun while strolling past all the rides. We decided to buy some tacos and later on snow cones for dessert. As we finish our food, we decide to head to the Ferris wheel and wait in line. I am first to board the ride. I quickly glance at the seat I notice that the seat is wobbly, but I go on anyway. As soon as I sit down the ride begins. I turn to my friends to see they have not gone on the ride with me and are gone. Reaching the top of the ride I notice that the crowd has disappeared as well. Before I can say or think anything else, I see myself fall through the ride, to the ground and I wake up.

Kayla Crescenzi

In my dream, I decide to walk my dog along the beach. As we are walking, we find this trail to a cliff and we decide to walk up. As we are walking to the cliff, there is this field of flowers. We stop to play ball in the flowers forgetting about everything else happening. We are tired as we reach the top of the cliff. At the top, there is a bench that looks out to the ocean. My dog and I sit on the bench and we watch the ocean together with me petting his fur.

Emilee Garcia-Guzman

It started out dark, and then I “woke up” in my room. Everything was silent, as if I could not hear anything. Mom talks to be me but I cannot hear her or see the upper half of her face. I go through my daily routines, but notice that my grandpa, Dado as I called him, was always there. When I would look at him, he would be staring back. When I was not looking at him, I could still see him out of the corner of my eye. I went to my old school and everything was still silent. After my last class, everything went yellow-golden and he walked up to me. He looked me dead in the eyes with his stormy grey blue eyes and told me “Emmie, wake up”.

Ellie Gordon

I have had this dream two or three times, but remember it because of the precise detail I was able to see while dreaming. To start, I am at San Onofre St. Beach. I go surfing there every summer, so the scenery was pretty spot on. The cliffs that are usually about 50 yards from the shore are now right in front. The sky is grey and cloudy, the water is dark grey and murky, and the scenery is very quiet. I did not see any sand or rocks like I usually do. I am with my best friend, Shea, who I have gone cliff jumping with before. We mutually decided to jump off the cliff. The jump seemed about 100 feet in the air. On the way down, I panic as I see a coral reef below us, but we just miss it. As we jump in the water, we are struggling to breathe. We start swimming towards this wall. The wall was about 50 feet tall and was grey. Once at the wall, we struggle to stay above water. A man in a kayak and black helmet approaches us. He says, “Do you guys need help?” I turn behind me to see if Shea needs help, but she is gone. I turn to the man in the kayak, and he is gone. I look at the wall, and it is gone. Everything around me had disappeared and I was treading water in the middle of the ocean by myself.

Maddie Ha

I had a dream where I “woke up” in bed. It was dark, but I could make out my hand that was already in front of me. The band-aid, which was the same exact band-aid that I was wearing at night, was leaking with blood. I immediately woke up to find my hand dry. I had this dream twice in the span of (at most) two weeks. This was the first recurring dream I have ever had.

Cydney Hall

I awake in a beige room. I look down and there is something moving around in my left arm. I grab a knife to my right and cut my left arm open, but no blood came out. The only thing that came out was rainbows and doodles I have never seen before. I’m not freaking out but only feeling so much better after cutting my arm. I feel this release that feels almost feels like I’m on cloud 9.

Bella Hoffer

My dream began in Lake Arrowhead in the house that my grandparents own up there. Iwas with my dad and my mom and younger brother were outside in the car waiting for us. Wewere inside trying to finish packing up because my grandparents just sold the house. So while wewere leaving, I went outside onto the balcony/deck overlooking the lake. The outside wasbeautiful, it was very tropical and kinda mediterranean. There were tropical plants and leavesoverflowing the balcony and there was a stone and iron circle table in the center of the balcony.Then I looked down at the lake. I remember it was hot outside and I wanted to leave because itwas hot, however I also wanted to stay because I did not want to leave the house forever. Then,my dad came outside to tell me we had to go so we left and then I was in my old bathroom at myold house. Except, it was dark and gray and modern. I then went into my old room in the houseand there was a baby crib in the room. There were vines covering the edges of what I saw. It wasas if I could see in third person and first person at the same time. Where one was looking at theroom from the door and the other was looking down into the empty crib. After that my familytold me I had to leave, but I did not want to so I fought to stay and then they began dragging meout of the room. Then the dream ended.

Sofia Hulne

My painting is a snippet into a significant scene in my dream. In my dream, my family was buying a new house. This house looked run-down and old from the outside. I remember exploring each room of the house. The room that I am in is supposedly my bedroom. My painting is a picture of myself sitting on the edge of a windowsill looking at this gorgeous sunset. I wanted to use a variety of bright colors in my sunset to capture the image that I experienced in my dream. I wanted to make the curtains a tannish-golden color so it wasn’t too distracting from the main focus, which is the sunset and the girl.

Sophia Iliev

I went on a trip to Japan alone since no one would come with me. Once I got there, I was feeling overwhelmed and lost since I was alone. The sky was grey and the streets filled with a dense crowd of people. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a black cat with yellow eyes. The cat looked at me so I started to follow him. He guided me through a winding alley way and we wound up in a gorgeous grove of cherry blossoms in full bloom. The sky was pink and orange and all I could see were cherry blossoms and a white bench. I was calm and happy. The black cat was purring and rubbing my legs while I pet it.

Camilla Jones

I was on a plane sitting towards the back and I was alone. Then my dream showed me the right side of the engine failing. It went black and I then was in the water, calm. I saw the plane split open in the water and saw people swimming but could not see their faces. Lastly, it went black again and I was at volleyball practice with my teammates and coach, happy again.

Mia La Barbera

My brother, his friend and I were playing on the side of a hill in a forest of pine trees under a gray sky when my brother handed me a remote control to our old minivan. I was playing with it when I accidentally steered it towards a pale blue house down the hill. I ran down to see the car crash into the side of the house and watched my mom crawl out of the fire in the kitchen. The sky turned to a vibrant maroon red and the trees caved in around me.

Pamela Landazuri

I’m in my grandmother’s house in Mexico City. As I get ready to go to sleep in my mother’s childhood bedroom, I hear clicks. As I walk through the glass sliding doors I see a black cat on the fence looking at me with red eyes. I feel calm almost as if the black cat is watching over me. I walk in and lay down in bed, but I hear breathing. I look at the edge of the bed and there is nothing there. I lay down again and feel a pressure on my back, I turn around and a black figure or shadow of a man is holding me. Then I woke up.

Isabella Lopez

In my dream my dad and I flew to a space station. The space station was very similar to the ship docking bay on the death star—a large, empty, metal room with a few ships and a big open window into space. There were a few large ships and one small one-person ship. My dad and I went over to this little ship and started to fix the damages that were on it. Once we were finished building the ship, a random guy suddenly came up to us telling me that I had to take the ship on some type of mission and so I did. When I started to fly away from the space station I saw that it was actually connected to a bunch of other death star-like space stations. Eventually after some time of flying through space I got to a pink and blue planet and started orbiting around it. My mission was to observe this planet’s weather patterns or something (like that) and the dream pretty much ended there. Also, Robert Pattinson showed up at some point and I don’t remember why.

Lupe Lopez

My dream starts with me going outside to my backyard. I see a bunch of snakes in different colors and patterns. I get really scared and try to move, but I can’t. As I try to run away, a snake tries to attack me - but I punch it. Then the snakes all turn around to look at me as if they were mad. Then, a coral-colored snake bites my leg. I can feel the bite, it feels really cold then quickly turns into a hot, almost burning feeling. Then I wake up and I can still feel the heat a little bit.

Sarah Lozano

I was walking to pick up some boba for my sister's birthday party. It was a sunny and bright day. After picking up the boba, I was walking back home and out of nowhere I fell off a cliff. Then after I fell I hear my dad yelling: "Stop"!

Mia Mason

About 2 years ago, I had a terrifying nightmare. In my nightmare, I was walking with my family down the street when we were suddenly kidnapped. I woke up in a room with swirls of purple and green, with a large hole in the middle. My family dangled in chains from the ceiling, oddly calm for the situation. I yelled and screamed for help, but I got no answer. Suddenly, a silhouette appeared in the window on the back wall of the room. The chains dropped and my family fell right into the hole. I ran to bang on the window, but the silhouette flipped a switch and air sucked me down and into the hole.

Chloe Nye

I am the girl standing in this painting. I am in front of an insane asylum that I was forced to go to by my mom. The needles are distributing medicine that is meant to help me make good decisions. The weather is gloomy and the whole scenery is very eerie.

Rachel Perez

The dream started out with me and my friends, Lupe, Luna, and Maya, going to the beach. As soon as we got to the beach, we began having fun. Lupe tapped on my shoulder and pointed at humongous waves right above us,. We all tried to run to high land, but we didn't make it, and we all got hit with the waves. I blacked out and when I woke up I was in a submarine by myself, I looked outside the window and saw buildings, cars, and my friends floating around dead, I was completely alone.

Sophie Reyes

I was in my living room and it felt like Easter. I walked out into my apartment complex and I saw my two neighbors. They were both wearing flowery dresses that flowed. They both told me they were running for student council president and then they ran off. Everything in this dream seemed very blurry, almost like a pretty blurry. Also, everything in this dream glowed.

Lily Rich

My dream starts with an overview of a campsite. There are three cabins set in a grassy field and there is a willow tree in the distance. Though I can not see it, I know that beyond the willow tree the ground falls into the ocean. The colors are pale and dreamy. It then cuts to me sitting with a girl in an amphitheater. The girl and I are talking, but barely. I get the impression that she does not want to be seen with me. I somehow know that I have met her in camp and we have feeling for each other. I reach out for her shoulder, but I am physically unable to touch her. She gets angry at me for trying to touch her in front of people. Later in the dream we devise a plan to get us to room together so we can talk comfortably. She is currently rooming with one person while I am rooming with two others. I have the vague memory of a scene in the dream, where I am walking between the cabins in the middle of the night and there are leaves crunching underneath my feet. The dream then cuts to the girl and me in a field. I lean in to kiss her, and when we do, I get a deep feeling of relief. There is duality to this scene. I am in my body, feeling myself hold her face, but i am also watching us from a downward angle in the grass. From this third person view, i am not viewing myself and the girl, but rather two silhouettes - one in blue and the other in purple. As we go in for the kiss, the silhouettes melts into each other. Though this is the last vivid image I remember from the dream, I know that I have three days left at the camp.

Genesis Rumph

I am in a car, stuck in traffic. A black panther is stopping me from continuing onto the freeway. i watch the large cat create paw prints of color on the black street.

Mary Sheehy

I had a dream that my friend Ellie threw a party at her house. I arrived with some of my friends and once we got there, suddenly it was just Ellie and I and she was giving me a tour of her house. However, it wasn’t her actual house; it was this huge house that looked old and haunted. As she was showing me around her house, I felt very uneasy and suddenly I was struggling to keep up with her. Her house was like a maze and she was showing me around and it felt like I was chasing her. Finally, we got back to the party but it was over. We were in her garage and her mom was there handing out letter grades to the kids on how they behaved at the party, my friend Chloe got a C.

Jun Tian

I stand by a river. There are fish in the river that look like carps. Suddenly, fish and water rise up from the river. The fish swim to the sky. When I look up, I find that the sky has become the sea, and fish are swimming in it.

Stella Toledo

My dream began with me laying down in my room. As soon as I sat up, I began throwing up in a trashcan. As I stared into the trashcan, spiders crawled out from it. At the same time, laughter echoed throughout my room. When I looked up, not reacting to the spiders, the room went dark for a moment. I suddenly threw up again and my room was not dark, it was madly distorted. Spinning and full of different hues. During the seventh (or so) time of throwing up, my room looked like an illusion. The laughter was overbearing now and the colors that were dimmed were now bright and extremely blinding. While I was staring at my room, I looked up at my roof, which seemed to be almost holographic, and a fly appeared. It took up almost half my roof. Its large, multi-colored eyes watched me as I threw up. I had thrown up so many times, that my whole body was covered in spiders and other insects that almost weren’t realistic. When I woke up I realized I fell off my bed because I was now on the floor.

Katie VanBuskirk

My toddler self looks up at the planets in the red sky. I stand on the patio of my old apartment building.

Mara Weinstein

Though most dreams tend to go no further than your own subconscious, recently I have spent most days thinking about a certain dream that has been repeated during most of my senior year. I begin driving down an empty road. There are meadows surrounding me on either side that have the most pigmented greenery I have ever seen. The ruby red car with black interior I reside in looks nearly identical to the interior of the 2018 Mazda 3 that I drive in reality. The imaginary automobile that I found myself in begins accelerating with little warning. I begin to reach for the breaks, but I can not feel them. I look down to see neither a gas pedal nor break in sight. I begin to panic, and when my eyes are back on the road, I have been transported to a busy intersection resembling the freeway entrance parallel to Vanalden Ave. I am unable to stop, and can only hope my car with the mind of its own will eventually come to a stop and remain unharmed.

Anna White

I was working at a 7-Eleven in a neighborhood at night. While working, I was accompanied by my dream friend, Robert. He was a tall and average looking guy with a nerdy sense of style. While I was organizing shelves with milk cartons and frozen chickens and restocking the donut box, he was sitting at the cash register. There was no one in the store but us. Due to the lack of business, we decided to take a break and we left the 7-Eleven unattended and went to the neighborhood park to sit on the swings in the dark illuminated faintly by the yellow streetlights. There, we somehow got on the subject of maps, and I saw before me an image of a worn out and very inaccurate map of the globe. We continued talking and the topic shifted to my adoption story and how I came from Kazakhstan. He said “I’m glad you’re here” and suddenly we leaned in to kiss. I didn’t feel anything from the kiss and told Robert that I wasn’t interested in pursuing a relationship with him and that I just wanted us to be friends. He seemed to agree to this easily and we went back to the 7-Eleven. When we got there, the store was trashed. There were frozen chickens on the floor and spilled milk cartons. Someone took all of the donuts but one, and I decided to eat it. While my mouth was full I looked to the entrance of the store to find a man in a black ski mask, fedora, a black trench coat with the collar up, black pants, and black boots carrying a sack over his back. He was about to sneak out and we made eye contact for a few seconds before he decided to run. I tried to call for help but the donut in my mouth prevented me from speaking so I gestured wildly to Robert who said, “I think we got robbed” in a deadpan tone.