Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics utilizes Photoshop and Illustrator to create works of art. Students begin with Photoshop, learning how to make landscapes using gradients, photo manipulation techniques that morph animals together, and digitally paint fruits. Finally, they begin using Illustrator to showcase elements of graphic design, create vector portraits, and create their own branding.

Mountains by Alyssa Neumann

Desert Scape by Mara Weinstein

Space Walk by Melina Farahmand

Geometric Mountains by Katerina Perez

Helicopter Dream by Samantha Licursi

Butterfly Sails by Alyssa Neumann

Aloha Hawaii by Lily Langley

Ice Forest by Madison Cockerham

Gradient Mountains by Nina Hall

Hippo Turtle by Lily Langley

Koala Lion by Samantha Licursi

Made of Magic by Melina Farahmand

She by Nina Hall

Lyrical Truth by

Aliyah De Vivero

The Cross Country Kid by Sofia Gavura

Star Wars: The Rise of Neumann by Alyssa Neumann

Sydney by Chloe Maslansky

Lily Langley's Day Off by

Lily Langley

Being John Nelson by

Mara Weinstein

Step Sisters by

Samantha Licursi

Geometric Cityscape by Katerina Perez

Neon City Lights by Abby Beck

Tea Party by Mara Weinstein

Space Dust by Lily Langley

Moose Kangaroo by Chloe Maslansky

Koala Walrus by Madison Cockerham

Cat Mouse by Mara Weinstein

Panther Rising by Abby Beck

Animal Earth by Chloe Maslansky

Many Faces by Madison Cockerham

Cityscape by Samantha Licursi

Purple Mountains by

Chloe Maslansky

Savannah by Aliyah De Vivero

Cherry Bomb by Alyssa Neumann

Sunset by Nina Hall

Surreal by Katerina Perez

Child of the Cosmos by Melina Farahmand

Waves by Sofia Gavura

Tranquil by Aliyah De Vivero

Bridges by Chloe Maslansky

Meadows by Abby Beck

Cherry Blossoms by Alyssa Neumann

Flower by Madison Cockerham

City Vibes by Samantha Licursi

Joy by Lily Langley

Treetops by Mara Weinstein

Mystical by Sofia Gavura

Egg Faces by Aliyah De Vivero